Computer Support

Computer Support with TSL Designs

Computer Support

Here at TSL Designs we think of ourselves as your personal IT department and a Support Package with us means that you can rely on a quick and efficient response to all your requests for anything IT within your company.
Keeping ahead of problems means that our engineers aren’t waiting for things to go wrong and by taking proactive action creates us the time to make improvements to your network and reduce future problems and risk.
Our engineers are customer focused, this means that we listen first before recommending solutions. Our engineers are also chosen to be team workers, because no one in IT can claim to be an expert at everything. Sharing knowledge is an essential part of how our support team works.

We provide IT and Computer Support solutions to businesses. We can assist with everything from:

  • Data — maintenance contracts, emergency call outs, data recovery, data backup solutions, desktop PCs, laptops, Security Testing.
  • Bespoke software solutions — database design, e-mail and web services, and mobile technology

Not all computer support companies are created equal.
Choosing the right computer support company for you will determine your technology experience.
Choosing the correct software, hardware, network and security is critical to the success of your technology.
When you install new systems, planning is critical. Once the systems are installed, proper support of all technology components is essential to the success of your computer systems within your company.
Delivering the right type of support (on-site, phone, over the Internet) at the right time (on-site, remote support) is what TSL Designs has successfully performed for our customers.
Managing your technology is easy with TSL Designs.
Experience flawless technology support today, call 07816 678 638

Your IT Helpdesk


All customers are different, that is why all our Support Packages are tailored to your specific needs. At TSL Designs we aim understand what is important to your business and deliver a service to meet those requirements.

We can support users, software applications, printing, networks, email systems and anti-virus protection and data backups all under the one roof. Allowing you to focus on running your business.

Your success is our goal.