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Database Design with TSL Designs

Database Design


How would you like to have all the information about all the preferences of your customers available to you at the push of a button, or perhaps you would like to see what your projected stock level is next month or maybe you need to log what maintenance is needed for your vehicles then TSL Designs is here for you.

In other words you need to organise your information, in this day and age organise means digitise and database. If you have all your data organised correctly it means you can find out what is happening in your business at the click of a button. In short you may need a web based front end to a MySQL database with excel import/export functions. No need to worry about the Tech Talk, we can help.

A professionally designed database from TSL Designs could assist you in planning your marketing efforts, organise your company, control your costs and monitor your problems. You may have many pieces of digital information already collected so what we do is look at what you want to store in the database, organise the information, build and provide the solution to get your information when and where you need it.

TSL Designs can analyse, design, build and support a well-designed database to hold all your information and then build an application to present it in a way you need to see it. No complicated interfaces just simple to read reports to get the business information you need. It can be web based, laptop based or even built for your phone. We are experts in MySQL, MSSQL as well as MS Access databases.

You get a professionally designed database that fits your needs and budget. We design databases for fund raising, marketing, subscriptions for magazines & newspapers, etc. Your database is customised for you, it works as you work and as the need arises we can change it as your business changes so you’re always up to date.

What if you’re a laboratory?


If you’re a laboratory, don’t worry; TSL Designs has produced databases that have met the UKAS requirements for laboratory work and calculations. So no matter what database you need TSL Designs has the Solution for you, only a click away.

How it works

  1. After you understand all your ideas and wishes, we’ll discuss the project with you, propose a solution and give you a quote that we know you’ll be impressed by.
  2. You evaluate the proposal and balance your "WANTS" with your "NEEDS" with your budget and make changes, additions and deletions until a workable solution has been made for you.
  3. After all details are worked out we’ll finalize the database proposal for your company and get to work on a draft that you can see. (At this point a part payment will be required to proceed further.)

After alterations and the final design of the database has been approved by you, the database will be released. We’ll provide the Training, Guide Books and anything else you need to make using your database a breeze.