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Here at TSL Designs we like the usual CMS’s, but we couldn’t help but feel that they were restrictive and bulky for what they produced, which led too Project TSL Admin or Breeze Admin. Breeze is our flagship System that not only gives you full control over your content and pages but your site designs, and extras like built in Media Manager and Messaging System and integrated WYSIWYG Editor to make editing no harder than using MS Word.

With great feedback from our Beta Testers from around the world, we are sure that you will find using our CMS a breeze. We have two editions available Standard and eCommerce Edition allowing you full control of your site whether you’re advertising your company or selling products online.

Breeze Admin Key Features

Configure and Manage Modules

Allowing you to control the Modules that your site has installed that produce content, with a variety of Site Modules Available and more in our pipeline there will be no limit to what your site can do.

Media Manager

Let’s you upload images and files to your site with ease just drag and drop and in a format that we are all used to seeing. Integrated into Tiny MCE for image management on Web Pages.

Styles & Scripts Editor

Allows you to edit the styles and design of your site (more for user confident in basic coding), giving you the control to change the HTML, JS and CSS files that make your site work.


Provided by TinyMCE, Giving you a text editor that you can use without any confusion of learning to code or style a web page.


Our CMS comes with a built in Mailbox system that allows you to manage your incoming messages from your site as well as send your own messages.

Payment Gateway (eCommerce Edition)

Taking Payments online is easy with our integrated PayPal Checkout API. Manage, Track and confirm payments and purchases all from one place.

Product Manager

Manage your products on the site with ease, set stock warning levels to get low stock notifications.

Plus many more features

The system has many more features built in to make running your website a breeze, and with more features in the pipe line our CMS can only improve.


Breeze Admin CMS can be integrated with your site with ease and you could be controlling your site content, look and even media all from one place and with no need to learn code.

No site is too small and no site is too big for Breeze Admin CMS. If you want to make managing your site a breaze, Use Breeze Admin.

Breeze Admin is provided with our larger web projects or on a subscription basis and requires a Serial Key to function properly. For more information on Breeze Admin CMS Send us a message.

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