Secret Santa

Want to do a Secret Santa now you can.

Secret Santa

Please take care when filling out each persons email address, if its entered wrong they won't know who they have for secret santa.

Person Email
Maximum Amount

Anonymous Mode

This mode will assign each person a secret santa receiver and then email each person who they got as their secret receiver, you will not know your self who has who for secret santa, thus keeping in the spirit of things.

For your Security: No emails will be saved once the email is sent from us, the moment you leave this page all emails will be forgotten. find out more

List Mode

This mode will assign each person a secret santa receiver and then output the assigned list for you to see, no email will be sent in this mode

What is a Secret Santa?

A Secret Santa is an arrangement by which a group of friends, families or colleagues exchange Christmas presents anonymously, each member of the group being assigned another member for whom to provide a small gift, typically costing no more than a set amount.

Email Security

Santa and TSL Designs only have access to these emails during sending of the Secret Santa Email, once you leave this page the emails you have provided to Santa and TSL Designs will not be stored on our systems or saved anywhere.

Depending on your mailbox settings you may find the Secret Santa Email in your spam mailbox.

Due to the risk of spamming, you're limited to a maximum of 30 participants.