Website Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance packages with TSL Designs

Our Pricing Tables

We offer three levels of website maintenance packages Bronze, Silver & Gold which are generally suited to websites of similar size...

£ 12.50 /mo
  • Monthly Updates 1
  • Time Per Month 30 Mins
  • Response Time* 3 Working Days
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Breeze CMS**
  • Website Backups Monthly
£ 100 /mo
  • Monthly Updates 5
  • Time Per Month 5 Hours
  • Response Time* 1 Working Days
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Breeze CMS**
  • Website Backups Weekly

*We aim to respond to all customer requests within 24 hours from Monday to Friday but at busy times this may be longer, up to the times shown.

**Free upgrade to Breeze Admin (Formerly "TSL Admin Control") our very own CMS (Content Management System) that has been designed for both Standard and eCommerce Website to make running your site easy and efficient.

Which package is right for my website?


We've tailored our website maintenance packages to fit with websites of similar size, for example:

  • Bronze

    Suitable for a one or two page banner website that doesn't change very often and doesn't require many updates or changes.

  • Silver

    Perfect for Content Management System (CMS) websites, such as Joomla, WordPress or Breeze Admin (Our very own CMS) that have multiple pages and should be updated with news and updates on a frequent basis.

  • Gold

    Aimed towards eCommerce stores and very large websites where product updates such as stock & pricing are required frequently.

All businesses and websites are different so if you don't feel your website fits into one of these packages we can arrange a custom package including backups and as many updates and hours as you need, get in touch with your requirements and we'll work out the perfect arrangement for you.

Time per month


We often get asked how long it takes to action certain tasks and what will we do for the time each month, to give you an idea for our most popular, Silver Package, it would take us around 10 minutes to upload a news or blog post, so long as its provided by you, leaving plenty of time to perform SEO work, however, if you needed us to write the news article much of this two hours would be taken up researching and then writing it.

But that’s the beauty of our website maintenance packages, the time can be spent differently each month, so perhaps you need a new webpage put together along with some images and news postings one month, while the following month we work on Search Engine Optimisation improvements. We're happy to work this out best for you whilst ensuring the necessity of updating your websites system (where applicable) is always a priority.

We'll keep you informed each month by way of our invoice as to what work has been completed and if we think we'll need to go over the arranged monthly time we'll agree it with you before any work is completed. And don't worry if you think you'll have a quiet month, we can work on extra projects such as redesigning your website to help spread the cost of a large upgrade.